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Ixtapa Zihuatanejo Golf courses and rates

Ixtapa’s two world-class, 18-hole courses make this tropical destination a haven for golf enthusiasts. The courses are located at opposite ends of Ixtapa’s main hotel strip, just five minutes apart by taxi. Zihuatanejo is just 10 minutes away.

Palma Real Golf Course (Campo de Golf Palma Real) was designed by Robert Trent Jones Jr. in 1977 as a key element in the Master Plan of FONATUR (National Fund for Tourism Development) which conceived and developed Ixtapa as a modern resort destination, and created this golf course from a coconut plantation.

Marina Ixtapa Golf Club (Club de Golf Marina Ixtapa), designed by Robert von Hagge, opened in January 1994 as part of the multi-million-dollar Marina Ixtapa project. The two courses are located at opposite ends of Ixtapa’s main hotel strip, just five minutes apart by taxi (Zihuatanejo is just 10 minutes away). Both are both known for their expert and personalized caddy service which is also traditional throughout Mexico.

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Palma Real Golf Course

A superb example of original Robert Trent Jones Jr. design, this par 72, 6,898-yard Palma Real Golf Course harmonizes with its environment which, in fact, is a former coconut plantation that retains its natural lakes, lagoons, and lush tropical vegetation alongside the scenic Pacific coastline. The Sierra Madre Sur provides a panoramic mountainous backdrop.

Players enjoy not only some of the world's best golfing, but also a feeling of closeness to Nature. Surrounding the course are coconut and other species of palms, and trees abundant with mangoes, guavas, limes, oranges and almonds. Brilliantly-colored flowers accent the verdant vegetation.

Mexican and international ecologists consider these grounds a wildlife preserve. Golfers see and hear a variety of exotic birds such as parrots, macaws, cardinals, and a rare and peculiar species of eagle called pescador (“fisherman”) because it feeds exclusively on fish from the lakes. Seen but not heard are rabbits and “giant" iguanas.

Do not attempt to retrieve balls from the water hazards because crocodiles live in some of them! They usually repose submerged and out of sight, however they do stroll around at dawn.

Marina Ixtapa Golf Club

Marina Ixtapa Golf Club (Club de Golf Marina Ixtapa) Robert von Hagge, famed for creating some of the world's most outstanding courses, designed this par 72, 6793-yard course with meandering canals, 12 bridges, and a dunes-style topography.

Rolling terrain covers 136 acres, with expansive sand traps and water hazards guarding 14 of the 18 holes. No wonder Golf Digest Magazine ranked it as one of Mexico’s best.

The Clubhouse, in Spanish-Mediterranean architecture, features and airy restaurant and lounge areas with picture windows and balconies overlooking the yacht marina and golf course. Facilities include a full-service pro-shop, men's and women's locker rooms, tennis courts, swimming pool and, of course, the "19th hole for that extra round".

Palma Real Golf Course Service Fees

  Non-Peak Season Peak Season
  (May 1st–Nov. 14) (Nov. 15-Apr. 30)
  Fee in Pesos  
Green Fee 9 Holes $350.0 $450.0
Green Fee 18 Holes $550.0 $750.0
Green Fee Package #1 Three Days * $1,110.0 $1,700.0
Green Fee Package #2 Five Days * $1,850.0 $2,800.0
Golf Cart Rental 9 Holes ** $200.0 $250.0
Golf Cart Rental 18 Holes *** $300.0 $350.0
Club Rental $250.0 $300.0
Green Fee Permanent Member 18 Holes $250.0 $350.0
Green Fee Permanent Member 9 Holes N/A N/A
Green Fee Hotels 18 Holes ±± $440.0 N/A
Annual Fee Permanent Member + $3,000.0 $3,000.0
Green Fee Service Providers Arrangement ^ $440.0 $600.0
Green Fee Real Estate Developers $350.0 $530.0
Green Fee Real Estate Developers 3-Day Package ^^ $990.0 $1,500.0
Green Fee Real Estate Developers 5-Day Package ^^ $1,650.0 $2,500.0
Green Fee Children (14 Years) 18 Holes $250.0 $350.0
Green Fee Children (14 Years) 9 Holes $200.0 $300.0
Green Fee Senior Citizens (+50 Years) 18 Holes $350.0 $530.0
Green Fee Airline Employees 9 Or 18 Holes $350.0 $450.0
Group Golf (Net Rate) 18 Holes $440.0 $600.0
Cruise Passengers (Net Rate) 18 Holes $440.0 $600.0
Annual Membership (Individual) $16,500.0 $16,500.0
Annual Membership (Family) $33,000.0 $33,000.0
6-Month Membership (Individual) $9,100.0 $9,100.0
6-Month Membership (Family) $18,150.0 $18,150.0
3-Month Membership (Individual) $4,950.0 $4,950.0
3-Month Membership (Family) $9,900.0 $9,900.0
2-Month Membership (Individual) $4,300.0 $4,300.0
2-Month Membership (Family) $8,600.0 $8,600.0
1-Month Membership (Individual) 18 Holes $3,300.0 $3,300.0
1-Month Membership (Family) 18 Holes $6,600.0 $6,600.0
Annual Corporation Membership ^^^ $49,500.0 $49,500.0
1-Month Youth (16 Years) Membership $400.0 $500.0
Practice Balls (50) $50.0 $55.0
Practice Balls (100) $100.0 $100.0
Practice Balls (25) $25.0 $25.0
Tennis Courts and Paddle Tennis    
Tennis Court Use (Per Hour) $60.0 $80.0
Tennis Court Use With Lighting (Per Hour) $130.0 $130.0
1-Month Membership (Family) ‡ $825.0 $825.0
6-Month Membership (Family) ‡ $4,620.0 $4,620.0
Annual Membership (Family) ‡ $8,800.0 $8,800.0
1-Month Membership (Individual) ‡ $415.0 $415.0
6-Month Membership (Individual) ‡ $2,200.0 $2,200.0
Annual Membership (Individual) ‡ $4,180.0 $4,180.0
Promotional Rates after 2:00 Every day    
Green Fee $330.0 N/A
Per Person With Golf Cart 9 Or 18 Holes $430.0 $585.0
Club Rental $200.0 $110.0
Per Person With Pull Cart 9 Or 18 Holes N/A N/A
Golf Club Loss (Per Club) $220.0 $220.0
General Public Green Fee $400.0 $475.0
Guests Of Member Hotels $320.0 $320.0
Green Fee Children Permanent Member $285.0 $295.0
Green Fee Children (14 Years) $225.0 $250.0
Cruise Passengers $385.0 $365.0

* Unlimited up to 18 hoyos per day
** $125.00 pp/shared cart
*** $180.00 pp/shared cart3
±± Special rates for guests in hotels that do not have discount agreements
+ The discounted member green fee will only be given to members that have paid the Anual fee.
^ Service providers are hotels and travel agencies that promote the golf course and arrange for direct payment to the golf course. ^^ Real estate developers include landowners within an urban development.
^^^ Membresía for tourist service providers - Includes up to three golfers per day.
‡ Tennis and Paddle Tennis members will be charged an additional $60 per hour for night time court use (with lighting).

•In case of payment in US Dollars, fees will be charged in accordance with that day’s exchange rate at a financial institution located on the premises.
•The new rates can be changed for top season.

All fees include 15% I.V.A. (Added Value Tax)
The Palma Real Golf Course is open from 6:30 am to 7:30 pm, 365 días a year.

Marina Ixtapa Golf Course Service Fees
  Non-Peak Season Peak Season
  16 April – 14 Dic. 15 Dic - 15 Apr.
  Fees in Dollars  
Green Fee $67.00 $94.00
Special 9 holes   $75.00
Special "Twilight" after 1:30 p.m. 9 holes   $80.00
Special "Twilight" after 1:30 p.m. 18 holes   $65.00
Caddy 9 holes $80.00 $80.00
Caddy 18 holes $13.00 $13.00
All the tarifs include car
Open from 7 am to 4 pm

For contact details, directions, telephones, etc. click here

Source: Conventions and Visitors Bureau of Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo (OCVIZ)

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