Booking at is simple and fast.

The following instructions will help you to quickly become familiar with our five-step process to book.

Where and when?

We have three options regarding destination, you can select Ixtapa, Zihuatanejo, or both of them. This search of the destination will be linked with the selected date of you stay. Check-in and check-out are the blanks in which you must select the date range of your stay.

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Hotel Selection

Select a hotel from the results or refine your search based on displayed criteria such as hotel name, category, price, etc.. If the hotel states "Subject to availability" continue with the normal reservation process.

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Step 1.

Bedroom Selection

For each type of room select the amount of rooms you wish to book.

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Step 2.

Indicate the accommodation

In this step will be listed each of the rooms that you selected in the previous step. Indicate the accommodation of guests in each room.

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Step 3.

Create an account or log in

If you already have an account with us you just need to type your username and password, otherwise, you will need to select "Registration of new users."

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Step 4.

Details of guests, payment method selection or Availability Request

In this step you must enter the names and details of each guest.
Furthermore, if you have a discount coupon or want to use your Visit Points you must indicate it in this step
Select then the payment method, we offer three different methods for your convenience:
  • Credit Card
  • Paypal
If the selected hotel is “subject to availability”, submit the request and you will get an answer within 1 to 12 hours. Nothing needs to be paid until availability is confirmed.

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Step 5.


Credit Card
If you selected payment by Credit Card you can do with either a Visa or a Mastercard. Simply enter the Credit Card’s data from and click on "Pay and Confirm." The system will connect with our payment gateway and process the transaction. If your payment data is correct, the system will confirm your reservation and will refer you to the page showing the reservations made.

Through this payment method you can make your reservation using any Credit Card. There is no need to open a PayPal account to make the payment.

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Payment Result

If you pay by Credit Card or PayPal, the result of the payment will show up. After that you will automatically receive an email with a summary of your reservation.
After this step, you need to go to your account in our system and open the reservation confirmation in order to print it. It must be presented upon arrival at the hotel

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