The Visit Points program (the "Program") starts on May the 1st 2009, at 13:00, Mexico center's local time. When you do a reservation on line through visitixtapazihuatanejo.com you get 1 Visit Point for each Mexican Peso spent in purchases completed or it's equivalent in other currencies. You will as well get Visit Points through bonds explained bellow.

The Program is subject to Terms and Conditions and to visitixtapazihuatanejo.com Terms of use.

The Program is only open for persons over 18 (eighteen) years old or more, who have a valid e-mail address and who have subscribed to the Program. The companies, associations or other groups cannot participate. The visitixtapazihuatanejo.com's employees do not qualify for this program.

You will receive one (1) Visit point for each Mexican Peso or equivalent spent on purchases completed. The following purchases do not qualify for this program: (i) Reservations done by phone or in person. (ii) Reservations done through the Group Travel Service.

If you use a discount coupon, you will get Visit Points for the total price to be payed minus the referred discount. Furthermore, if the total amount for the reservation is worth more than the discount obtained through Points, you will get Points for the differential amount.
How to obtain Visit Points
1. Welcome bonds. You will get a 5,000 Visit Points bond when signing up for the first time, those are immediately received and can be used at any time. Each person can only get this bond one time, therefore if you sign up a second account with the same personal details you will not get this bond.

2. For reservations completed. When doing a reservation, you need to log into your visitixtapazihuatanejo.com account (you "Account"), by doing so you will get 1 Visit Point for each Mexican Peso spent, or it's equivalent in another currency. It is not possible to receive Visit Points for a reservation done in the past. The Visit Points are added to your account within seventy two (72) hours after finalizing your stay at the hotel.

3. First Purchase Bond. You will get a 5,000 Points bond for your first purchase.

4. Referred friend's reservations bond. You will get 1,000 Visit Points for the first purchase of each referred friend. Furthermore, you will get a 10% of all your friend’s purchases. There is no limits on the number of referred friends.

5. Bond for the purchases of referred friend's friend. You will get 5% of the Visit Points total number of all your referred friend's referred friends purchases up to a third level. There is no limit for the referred friend's referred friends (and their friends).

6. Bond for your reviews. Each time you stayed in a hotel or purchased a service (tours, transfers, etc), you will get a mail inviting you to write your review and rating about the service, for which you will get 1,000 Points. You will only be able to give us opinions regarding reservations done through us.

7. Contests. We will occasionally send mails advertising contests through which you will be able to win Visit Points. The amount of Points varies from one contest to another. You can have your Account under control at any time and check how many Visit Points you won, simply by connecting yourself to your visitixtapazihuatanejo.com account (the "Web site"). You have the responsibility to ensure that your Account is Correct. If you believe one of your reservation was not well accounted for, write to us through the Customer Support section or communicate with us through the visitixtapazihuatanejo.com Call Center. Reservations considered invalid, as per what is stated here, will be disqualified.

How to refer friends
You will be able to refer friends through the "Refer friends" system which you can find available once you sign up. Through this system you will be able to send mails to friends, these mails will have a link which will identify the referring user.

Once your friend signs up through the e-mail you sent, you will get Visit Points for all the purchases he makes.

The Program users will only receive Visit Points for the purchases of new users, of all persons who were not registered at visitixtapazihuatanejo.com before.

There are no limits to the number of persons you want to refer, 3 levels included. It's forbidden to engage in massive spam posts of unrequested mails. Any user engaging himself in these practices will be expelled of the program and will lose his Points. It's also forbidden to create duplicate accounts, of your own or your friend's in order to increase the number of referred friends. Any user engaging himself in these practices can be expelled from the Program and will lose all his Points.

How to cash in the Visit Points
For every 100 points you will get $1 Peso discount. You can use your Points at any time for purchases above $1,000 Pesos

In order to use your points you need to identify yourself with your user name and password and make a reservation. During the reservation process you will be showed the discount corresponding with your accumulated Visit Points. When getting near the end of the reservation process, just before paying, you will be able to choose all, a part or none of your Points.

The Visit Points do not have cash value and therefore cannot be exchanged for cash.

If you do a cancellation before the expiring of the cancellation period, your Visit Points will be returned to your account. If you do a cancellation after the dead line established by the cancellation policy, your points won't be returned.

You will be able to use the Visit Points when modifying the reservation dates.
Changes and Program Terms
If you do not cash in your Points within a 18 months period, your account will be closed and you will lose your Visit Points.

visitixtapazihuatanejo.com can modify any term and condition governing this Program - including, but without limiting, the rules to win Visit Points, the rules to cash in Visit Points, the hotels for which this Points can be used - at any moment, with or without previous warning, even if theses changes affect your capacity to use Visit Points already earned.

The Program has no predetermined ending and can continue till the time visitixtapazihuatanejo.com decides to put an end to it. visitixtapazihuatanejo.com can decide to put an end to it at any moment. After the end, you will have thirty (30) days from the date in which the end of the Program is announced to use the Visit Points remaining in your account. After that date, the Visit Points will be discarded without compensation.

Your uninterrupted participation in this Program is understood as your agreement to any change made to these Terms and Conditions. You have the responsibility to keep yourself informed about the changes visitixtapazihuatanejo.com can perform to these Terms and Conditions. The most actualized version of these Terms and Conditions will be available in this Website in substitution to all the previous versions of these Terms and Conditions.
General Terms
visitixtapazihuatanejo.com reserves itself the right to withdraw the right to participate of any person who takes part in fraudulent activities or who uses the Program in a way not allowed according to these Terms and Conditions or any state of federal law, statute or decree. The end of the right to participate can result in the loss of all the Visit Points and accumulated benefits. Apart from withdrawing the participation rights, visitixtapazihuatanejo.com has the right to take corresponding administrative and/or legal actions, including the launch of a lawsuit, when ever it considers it necessary according to it's own criteria.

The Visit Points are not property of any of the participants and cannot be sold, transferred, assigned or combined with someone else account, and are not transferable upon the death of the original user, as part of a deal to solve relationship problems or by the effect of law.

Except for the places where it's forbidden, you accept any dispute, lawsuit, legal action cause resulting from or related to this Program, to be solved on an individual fashion without recurring to any kind of collective lawsuit, and exclusively through the corresponding court located in Morelia, Michoacán. All the problems and questions regarding the creation, validity interpretation and application of these Terms and Conditions, your rights and obligations and visitixtapazihuatanejo.com rights and obligations, will have to be ruled and interpreted by the laws of the Michoacán State, leaving with no effect any law election (at Michoacán State or any other jurisdiction's) which could result in the application of laws from any other jurisdiction different to the Michoacán State´s.

The Program is discarded where it is prohibited by the law. The lack of exigency from visitixtapazihuatanejo.com regarding the fulfillment of any of these clauses appearing in these Terms and Conditions will not constitute an exoneration of responsibility concerning this or any clause. The visitixtapazihuatanejo.com decisions regarding questions and disputes related to the eligibility, obtainment or cash in of the Program's Visit Points or it's fulfillment of these Terms and Conditions, is irrefutable.